About Us

Kith and Kin represents and produces for our roster of talented, multidisciplinary artists. We love creating content in all forms – motion, print, CGI, and animation. Anything Ad Agencies and Corporate Clients can dream up, we execute.
Give us a call and let us know what you’re working on.


michi@kithandkin.ca   |  416 729 4550

Michi has an extensive background as both a line producer and an executive producer in commercials. She’s a big fan of teamwork and believes that by working together we all move forward together. She strives to innovate, simplify and create a better way to do things by strategizing and thinking outside the box. She is attracted to the arts, in particular, story-telling, fine arts, film, nature and the outdoors, comedic TV shows, and really racy historical fiction.


monica@kithandkin.ca   |   416 666 8521

Monica has always surrounded herself with artists, so representing them professionally came as a natural fit. She loves that no two work days are the same. She prides herself on being a natural problem-solver and thrives on the challenges that come along with working in the ad industry. She has 10 years of combined production and agency experience and specializes in digital production. If she’s not working, she is likely making pickles or listening to Beyoncé (or both.)

Address: 240 Richmond Street West, Toronto Ontario, M5V 1V6

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