The Source Scholarships


Think Tank worked with the amazing creative team at DARE and Cossette to create this series of quirky animations for The Source’s “Scholarship” campaign. The concept and directions were simple: let’s give away a series of scholarships & prizes for the rest of us…that is the television binge watchers, the video game addicts, the chronic texters, and yes – even the plankers.


From storyboards all the way to execution, Think Tank worked with the hilarious scripts, and produced a series of animations for a stand-alone website launched by the brand just in time for back to school. The illustration style was intentionally stylized and crude, the motion unpolished and at times even downright uncomfortable. 


The combination worked perfectly to showcase that special type of humour everyone was after and in the end it was a huge success. Now if we can just play a few more hours of videogames everyday, we’re confident there’s nothing stopping us from winning a scholarship of our own next year!

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